• Liz G

    Liz G

    I literally cannot think of anything to type here that would not be utterly cliché. Tweets are my own. #DealWithIt

  • Tricia Fuglestad

    Tricia Fuglestad

    ~Life is too short for long faces~ I am a K-5 art teacher looking for creative ways to teach my students to draw from life. P.S. Glasses are the new contacts.

  • Steven Isaacs

    Steven Isaacs

    I teach Video Game Design/Dev MS & HS. @codeorg TOTM @Brainpop POPstar #Camtasia @Graphite Educator .passionate about #gbl. #edtechbridge mod. husband.daddy.

  • Andrew Smith Lewis

    Andrew Smith Lewis

    Chief Innovation Officer at CAIS, Co-Founder of Cerego

  • Kate McFadden

    Kate McFadden

    Educator, philosopher, lover of beauty, design, baseball, productivity, technology in education, questions, pens, pencils and questions.

  • Conscious


    Mastering self. You are where you focus so focus on greatness. Eklektic Arts & Service. @BondfireRadio @TKinTheAM

  • Jamel Mims

    Jamel Mims

    Jamel Mims, is a rapper, multimedia artist and revolutionary on the frontlines of resistance against mass incarceration.

  • Callista Chen

    Callista Chen

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